Explore the Core of Our Organization Dedicated to Ayurvedic Excellence

Who are the people involved in AAAP?

AAAP is blessed with a BOD of highly qualified, experienced, and successful professionals with diverse backgrounds, including Attorneys, Accountants, IT professionals, Marketing experts, Researchers, Scientists, Psychologists, Modern Medicine Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, Acupuncture Doctors, Siddha Doctors, Yoga Therapists and of course Ayurvedic Physicians with BAMS, MD and Ph.D. in Ayurveda, and AD, AHC AWC or equivalent Ayurvedic practitioners.

Most of the Directors (BOD – Board of Directors) of AAAP are current Directors or ex-Directors of global Ayurveda organizations and have given their time, energy, and money to supporting and promoting Ayurveda. Most of the current members of AAAP are currently members of Ayurvedic organizations like COLORAMA, AAF, CAAM, NAMA, AAPNA, CAR, etc.

Executive Board